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Our Parish Groups

Our ministries are many and varied here in St. Cronan's and we welcome all Catholics of Brackenstown Community to take an interest in their parish Church at whatever level they feel happy.  The Priests of the Parish thank all members of the differing Ministries for their hard work and commitment.


If you would like to be a part of any of these Ministries, please contact any member of the Parish Team or the Parish Office.

Please note that all staff and volunteers are subject to Garda Vetting.


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Parish Pastoral Council

Our current Parish Pastoral Council work together to represent the whole of the parish community and to work in close partnership with the priests of the parish to further the mission of Christ and His Church.  Guided by our Constitution and as we journey together as Parish Pastoral Council of St. Cronan's Church, we ask you to pray for our success with this Prayer of Discernment. 

All Loving and Gracious God,

You know my inmost thoughts

and You are familiar with all my ways. 

You have blessed me with many gifts and talents. 

Give me a share of Your wisdom, show me Your truth,

and reveal to me the secrets of my own heart. 

May I have the courage to look honestly and deeply

at the reality of my life,

so that I can faithfully follow You. 

Help me to see in myself what You see,

and give me the courage to uncover

both my strengths and weaknesses,

to know and follow Your will for me

each and every day of my life.

Bless Your Church with generous hearts,

eager to serve Your people

and to spread Your Word.  Amen.

Adult & Junior Choirs

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St. Cronan’s Parish Choirs sing every Sunday at the Masses and at the major feasts such as Christmas and Easter.

The annual Mass for the Deceased of our Parish and the Mass of Anointing of the Sick are very special to us and we consider it a privilege to help out for these Masses.

Congregational Singing

We feel that our brief is to lead the congregation rather than to take over from them.

Therefore we make every effort to include them in our hymns and responses, according to the liturgical norms.

We are fortunate that the congregations here in St. Cronan’s are very keen to join in the singing.


What kind of hymns do we sing?

We like to sing a good mix of hymns, ranging from the old favourites to the music of Liam Lawton and other modern composers. We have members who play guitar and flute so we do Irish music and also Polish music. There is such a huge selection of new and liturgically suitable hymns available to us now that we are spoiled for choice.


Trips and Outings

Sometimes we go on special trips either to sing or just for an enjoyable outing.

The following is a selection of photos from one of those trips.

St. Cronan’s Parish, Roscrea


Croke Park 2012 Eucharistic Congress

We were the official choir for the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage

to Knock in 2014

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Baptism Team

The Baptism Team in St. Cronan's Church are here to facilitate the monthly Parent Preparation Meeting and to help out on the day of the Baptism.  

Baptism is a time of celebration and joy!  The Baptism Team on behalf of the Parish community welcome the child into the parish and help the parents prepare for this special event which marks the beginning of a child’s spiritual and sacramental life.  For more information on Baptisms in St. Cronan's Church, please click here.

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Funeral Ministry Team

One of the Corporal Woks of Mercy is to bury the dead. When faced with the death of a loved one our whole world is turned upside down and in this time of vulnerability we need kindness and support. When St. Paul uses the analogy of the Church as a body and when one part of the body is hurt or weak then the whole body is affected, he is speaking of the Christian community and how when one member is in need the whole community is affected. When one of us is in need for any reason then the whole community should in some way be there to support them.

The Funeral Ministry Team's role is part of the response that we have as a community of faith to those who are bereaved.


The work of the team is to:

· Support families in their preparations for the Funeral

· To accompany them through the Mass or service

· To pray with and for them

· To be the caring face of the Parish


There are five Parishioners who have been trained and Garda Vetted for this ministry.  In their ministry they will accompany the priests of the parish in visiting families.  

As our team continues in their ministry, we ask you to pray for them, to encourage them and to support them as they go about their tasks.  It is a very welcome ministry in the Parish, and we pray that through the work of the Funeral Ministry Team, those who are bereaved may be helped to bury their dead with the support and compassion of their Parish.  

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Ministers of the Word


We have many great people involved in St. Cronan's Church including our Ministers of the Word, and we always welcome new readers.  Please talk to one of the priests of the Parish or contact the Parish Office, if you wish to be a part of this ministry.

Ministers of the Eucharist

Are you interested in becoming a Minister of the Eucharist?  If so, please contact a member of the team or one of the priests in the parish.  You can also contact the Parish Office by phone or email.

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We always welcome new helpers on our Hospitality Team.  The team work together to provide refreshments at several occasions throughout the year as well as every Wednesday morning after the 10am Mass.

Altar Servers

Please contact any of our Priests if you wish to get involved in becoming an Altar Server and to find out more. This is a ministry that children particularly enjoy being a part of.  Please talk to the priest or Pastoral Worker if your child is interested in joining our group of Altar Servers.

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Church Flowers

Maura Worthington

Maura has been the Church florist for many years now, and has been a great success.  Her designs range from ultra modern to the more traditional arrangements used at weddings.  When it comes to flower arranging, Maura has amazing imagination and has won many awards including Silver Medal in "Bloom".  We would like to acknowledge Maura's hard work and creativity and look forward to every special occasion to see the arrangements she creates.

If you would like Maura to arrange flowers for an upcoming wedding, please contact the parish office.


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