When booking Baptisms, please bring along

baby's Birth Certificate.   




Baptisms are usually held on the 2nd and 4th Weekend of the Month with Saturdays at 12.30pm and Sundays at 1.45pm.  


 The next dates for Baptisms in St. Cronan's are:

Saturday 8th February - FULL

Sunday 23rd February


The next Parent/Guardian Meeting 


Thursday 6th February at 8pm

in St. Cronan's Parish Pastoral Centre


Because we are in the Lenten Season, the next date for Baptisms is Easter Sunday.


A completed Registration Form and copy of baby's Birth Certificate is required to book a Baptism.  If you have the facility, you can email a copy of the Birth Cert and fill in the Registration Form online and email to the parish office.


For families outside of Brackenstown wishing to have their baby baptised in St. Cronan's Church, a letter of Permission of Baptism from your own parish is required.  This is a standard letter of courtesy between Priests.



Please contact the Parish Office for further details.



Congratulations on the birth of your baby and on your decision to have them Baptised here in St. Cronan's Church.  

Parents requesting baptism for their child must first fill out a Baptismal Registration Card. This can be done by either  calling to the parish office or else by downloading the form HERE, completing it and emailing the completed form back to the parish office.  A copy of baby's Birth Cert must be included with the application for Baptism.


The parents will then be given the date for the next Baptismal Preparation Meeting. These take place in  St Cronan’s church, usually but not always, on the first Thursday of the month.


At this meeting the parents will be introduced to the Baptism Team (members of the parish) who will be in attendance during their child’s christening. The purpose of the meeting, as the name suggests, is to prepare the parents  by explaining the basic elements of the baptism ceremony. As well as covering the mechanical aspects such as when to arrive, where to sit, when to move inside the church etc etc, some parts of the spiritual side of the ceremony, such as the meaning behind the symbols used, are also covered. The hope is that this advance training will take some of the pressure off the parent’s who in turn will be able to enjoy the occasion of their child’s christening.

Willie Curtis

Baptism Team Leader

If you would like to be a part of the Baptism Ministry in St. Cronan’s Church, please contact any of the Priests in the Parish, a member of the Baptism Team or the Parish Office. 



You're taking this step of faith

In obedience to the Lord

To be baptized in His precious name 

And heed the Master’s call


To rise up with faith in God

And go where He may lead

To share God’s love with everyone

And touch them in their need


May God pour out His blessings

Upon your life today

So you may walk in His abundance

As you commit to Him your way


Keep on trusting in the Lord

No matter what you face

And keep your eyes on Jesus Christ

And live in His sweet grace


By M.S.Lowndes

“It is no small thing, when they,

who are so fresh from God, love us.


Charles Dickens