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Sunday  23rd January 2022
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Tap to Donate

The Diocese has installed a Tap and Donate machine inside the main door of the Church, This is for the First and Second Collections ONLY. Your donation will be split 60% 1st Collection and 40% Second Collection.

If you use the white envelopes for the Mass collections so that we can record your offering, please continue to do this instead of using the Tap and Donate as this machine cannot record your details.

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Archbishop Dedication of Altar 2021
Msza w języku polskim


Msza św. w języku polskim odbywać się będzie w drugą niedzielę każdego miesiąca o godzinie 15:00. Spowiedź odbędzie się o 14:30 w Centrum Parafialnym.


We sympathise with and remember in our prayers the families and friends who have recently lost a loved one.  During this very difficult time and in line with Government advice, funerals can only be attended by up to 10 people of immediate family of the deceased. 
Please see below two links to booklets that may be of help to you when organising a loved ones funeral.

Although we can no longer be together in person,

we can stay connected and united in prayer.

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Many and sincere thanks for the continued support of all for ALONE since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland. To date, the ALONE COVID-19 Support Line has received in excess of 29,515 calls for support from vulnerable older people all over the country who need support, advice, or sometimes just reassurance.  ALONE is a member of the National Public Health Emergency COVID-19 Subgroup for Vulnerable People and is managing a national support line for older people with concerns regarding the Coronavirus and COVID-19.  ALONE manage a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary.

The support line is open seven days a week, 8am - 8pm 

by calling: 0818 222 024

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