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Baptisms are on 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday of each Month at 12 noon. 

Up to 3 babies may be baptised at each ceremony.

You must have submitted a Registration Form and a copy of your child's Birth Certificate

with the Parish Office before booking one of these time slots.

Parents are required to attend the Parent Preparation Meeting for Baptism which is usually held on the first Thursday of the month that baby is being baptised.

Lent Baptism.png


The information that you have given here is strictly for Parish use to contact you in regard to your booking.  Once the Baptism Ceremony is over, the contact information you provided on this booking form will be deleted.  A member of the Parish Baptism Team will be in touch regarding your Baptism Ceremony.  Your phone number will be used for this purpose.

The information you supplied on the Baptism Registration Form will be used to register your child for Baptism. The information will be recorded in the Parish Register and Parish Database and will be retained permanently. Once the Baptism is registered, the Registration Form and copy of the Birth Certificate will be destroyed.

For further information please contact:




Sacramental Preparation,

The Parish Office,

St. Cronan’s Church,

Brackenstown Road,


Co. Dublin

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